Top 35 Letterpress Business Cards

by admin in Inspiration on July 2, 2019

01. Textured Stock Custom Typeface Business Card

By Jens Nilson


02. Die-cut Pineapple Shape Gold Foil Business Cards

By Jukebox Print


03. Uninked Embossed Business Card

By Polish print and design studio


04. Letterpress Business Card for Sauvage Garage

by Letterpress of Paris


06. Letterpress Business Cards for Voltalab

By Fieldwork


07. Sophisticated Spotted Zebra Cards

By Sarah Mangion


08. Customisable Letterpress Business cards

By Eleonora Petrolati


09. Triplex Colourplan Paper with White Foil

By Don’t Try Studio


10. 3D Embossed Letterpress Business Card

By Jukebox Print


11. Gold Foiling, Gold Edging, and Embossing Cards

By Belinda Love Lee


12. Letterpress card with Pattern of Illustrative Animals

By Charmaine Yeo


13. Rafal Borek Photography

By Letter & Press


14. Bronze and Turquoise Letterpress Cards

By Oddds


15. Heavyweight Letterpress Business Cards

By Cocoa Branding


16. Traditional American Tattooing Style

By Two Arms Inc


17. Dotted Emboss Cards

By Company Folders


18. Featuring Debossed Astrological Design

By Mr Cup Studio


19. Circular Letterpress Business Cards 

By Mia Parcell


20. Gradient  Letterpress card

By Simon Featherstone


21. Gold Foil

By Sion Hsu

22. illustration

By Dane Holmquist


24. Kiss-cut Card can be Folded into a Miniature Chair

By  Richard C Evans Elegante Press


25. Playful illustration Card



26. Minimal Letterpress Business Card for Photographer



27. Simple and Clean Business Card

By Blush Publishing


28. Simple Typography Card

By Amy Weibel


29. Ink Overlays


30. Hand-lettered Typography With Geometric Pattern

By Meg Gleason

31. Gloriously Debossed Black Business Cards

By Jesse Ladret


32. Nautical-inspired Letterpress Card

By  Print & Grain


34. Employees Images on Letterpress Cards

By Dare


35. Personal Letterpress Card

By Pablo Abad