23 Inspiring Packaging Designs

23 Inspiring Packaging Designs

by admin in Inspiration on August 4, 2019

01. Manos de Cacao

By  Anagrama


02.  Hardy

By This is Pacifica


03. Thomas Kosmala

Thomas Kosmala Packaging Design

By Concrete


04. Wild Island Sacred Tree

By  Thirst


05. Halo

Halo Packaging design

By  Underline Studio


06. Colors

By  Jimmy Turrell and Steve Stacey


07. Moses Lake Cellars

By  Thirst


08. CS light bulbs

By  Belarus electrical company CS


09. Dolce

Dolce Packaging Design inspiration

By Metaklinika


10. Leafs by Snoop

By Pentagram


11. The Lovely Clinic

By  SomeOne


12.  McDonald’s Fries

By  Ben Frost


13. Onuma Honey

Onuma Honey Packaging Design Inspiration

By  Akaoni Design


14. Spine Vodka

Spine Vodka Packaging Design inspirationBy  Johannes Schulz


15. Allsorts Black and White

By Cloetta


16. Cervecería Sagrada

By José Guízar



By Alphabet


18. Topography of America State Magnets

By Mette Hornung of Bureau of Betterment and Greg Jones of Fifty-Four Forty


19. Poilu paintbrushes

By  Simon Laliberté


20. TeaPee

By Sophie Pépin


21. Mighty Nuts

By Maija Rozenfelde


22. Helvetimart

By Anagrama


23. Utopick Chocolates

By Lavernia & Cienfuegos